How a Rack can fit Five different Styles

When it comes to design, furnishings have this certain versatility that allows it to blend well to even the most opposing design concept. The secret to fusing two concepts is the idea of keeping things to a minimal. Discover for yourself how an industrial style rack can complement with various design concept.

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True industrial

Industrial style is described as something that is raw and unpolished. This concept deals with appreciating all the rough edges of what is typically seen as unrefined. A black cast iron rack in this concept blends especially well as it focusses more on the functionality then the bare minimal design element that it possesses.

Raw Country

Country concept spaces are mostly adorned with wood materials and floral prints. When introducing a stark furnishing to a conventionally dressed up space, take into consideration its effect on the flow of design. To ensure a clean transition, strip the country schemed room to its bare essentials so as not to give an impression of a chaotic space.

Eclectic Flair

While the eclectic style encompasses the mixing and matching of various furnishing, d├ęcor, colours and patterns, it is important to design a space that does it justice. Incorporating an industrial style rack means that all other design elements have to be kept to the minimal. Strong bold and solid colours are recommended and if patterns are used, keep to a uncomplicated design,

Minimalistic Industrial

The minimalistic concept does extremely well with this industrial style rack. As both style focusses on functionality, the rack injects a much needed edginess to the basic space.

Industrialised Glamor

The luxury concept is all about the the ornate detailing and materials that emit a feeling of grandeur. While the industrial style may appear like the polar opposite, it can be still be incorporated into the decor to tone down the typically over embellished space.