5 Budget Home Improvement Ideas

Renovations are by no means a wallet friendly affair. After investing much on the structure of your ideal home, it may feel that there might be little to no budget left to embellish the space, or so you think.<br /><br /><br /><br /> There are various means to enhance, personalise and rejuvenate the current look of your space, as long as you are willing to get your hands dirty.

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Change your knobs


What is seemingly a small and insignificant d├ęcor aspect, can actually make a huge difference in the overall design. This alternative is not only a bargain for your buck, but is also effortless to install.

Bold ceilings for bigger room


To create a large room, you do not have to hack off walls or incorporate a full wall of mirror. All you have to do is buy a tin of paint, and a bold on at that. Painting your ceiling in a bright or bold colour will give an impression of a heightened ceiling. Complement this statement concept with neutral walls to achieve the best effect.

DIY cushions for Personality


If you like all things unique, why not personalise your space with DIY cushions? You can buy scrap fabrics from your art supply store and create a one of a kind piece. Alternatively, you can update old cushion covers with sequins and buttons.

Update your furnishings


If you have old furnishing, there are ways to update its current look. You can opt to use contact paper to change the look of your current furnishing, carpentry or even appliances. These contact paper come in many designs, so whether you want a stainless steel look or have the grandeur of marble, it's all within reach.

Introduce plants indoors


Bring the outdoors in with plants around the space. This instantly perks up the space. If live plants are difficult to maintain, artificial plants or flowers are a good alternative.