Make a Statement with Patterned Ceiling

The ceiling is often neglected with it comes to home design. Many are not aware that decorating this fifth wall can bring a new design dimension to the overall space. Discover the different ambience each ceiling design brings to the space.

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Minimalist focal point

Ceilings are often bare and do not have much of a design focus. Consider having a ceiling in a graphic pattern for the ultimate minimalist focal point. Though simple in concept, a well thought out ceiling design as such allows for all sorts of intricate design elements. Of course, it is important to keep the rest of the space in a neutral scheme to prevent any sensory overload.

Unpolished ceiling

When looking to create a space with a diamond in the rough personality, the best was to go about it is to go raw. Though the unpolished ceiling is signature to the industrial concept, one can make use of its versatility to mix it up with various concepts. This means that one has full rein of the d├ęcor and yet have no fear it being overly gaudy.

Directing the eyes with triangles

Triangles by nature is a shape that gives direction to the flow of design in the space. Having such patterns painted on the ceiling often leads the eyes away from other design elements. As such, when incorporating such shapes, take a simple approach to the selection of colour and design.

Classy circular motifs

Having circular motifs moulded on the ceiling is an easy way to add texture to a space. This is especially so for white themed spaces, incorporating textures is important to add depth to the room.

Specific style ceilings

Patterns specific to design concepts can redefine the entire space. When incorporating these patterns to the ceiling, it is a subtle design declaration. To ensure that the design is not convoluted, decorate the space with simple ornaments and stick to minimal colours.