5 Elements of Christmas Decor

The best thing about the festive season is that it provides all the reason to start redecorating your space. Throw intricate snowflakes and hang up mistletoes; let it be known that little things can make up a beautiful set, fit for bringing in the jolly mood.

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Scent of trees


Candles are great for creating atmosphere. By mismatching candles, it offers dimension to the design. Décor do not always have to be all in the same shape, design or create a symmetrical effect. Make use of varying styles and sizes for an added design impact.

Modern Baubles


Contemporary and industrial spaces tend to steer towards décor that are simplified yet unique. Making use of earth tone ornaments adds a sense of warmth to the space. Using the same elements in varying styles can bring additional design quality to the space.

Wreaths around the candle


Classy and sophisticated designs are often minimal yet fancy. Placing a simple wreath around a fat, round candle can make for chic table décor. Throw in some silver baubles for that added metallic element.

Sprigs of Green


Adding elements of green does not necessarily mean that your space has to be filled with Christmas hollies and mistletoes. For this concept, sprigs of fir, pine or other plants can be placed into glass containers. By varying the containers, it gives an impression of abundance and freshness.

Folding Trees


While many prefer to buy their Christmas ornaments, DIYing can be the way to go if one has a preference for making their space different. Try folding plenty of Christmas trees in various shades. Cover some with cloches for visual stimulation.