Less is More: Minimalist Christmas

With many having a preference for a less cluttered space, the typical festive décor just won't do. Cut down on the festive ornaments and go all minimal this Christmas. Simple is the new chic.

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Tray your ornaments


Festive tabletop décor can sometimes appear messy. Place your ornaments in a tray for a neater look. When opting for this design idea, create a theme with elements typical of the season, such as reindeer, nutcracker and candles.

Scatter it on the ground


Candles give a sense of mystery and delight. Placing them on the ground will direct the line of sight towards the often neglected flooring. Having a thick frame will provides a structure look for the overall decor.

Trade in lush leaves for twigs


Making use of twigs in place of lush pine or fir tree is all the mod. This take on the conventional tree paved way for a cleaner and structured look. To brighten up the space, hang some bright baubles. Note that mixing coloured or patterned ornaments might portray a less serious image.

Put up the tree on the walls


What is Christmas without a tree? Instead of having a conventional tree, having the tree in the form of a wall décor will do just as well. Incorporating numbers of the calender for a chic tree fit for any minimalist space.

On a pedestal


While most trees are large and take up much space, consider placing a tree fit for a small surface. Small trees garner comfort in a static minimalist space. Include a banner of festive wording to bring a sense of eclecticism to the space.