Tips on Decorating the Bath Vanity

When it comes to interior decorating, the bathroom is space that is often neglected. While it is an area that one does not spend majority of their time in, it is a space of privacy away from the bustle of daily activities. Get tips on how to dress up this private sanctuary.

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Concept focussed

There are several ways of decorating the bath vanity area, one is to take cue from the overall decor. Choose pieces that are signature to the particular concept. In the instance of a shabby chic bathroom, a pot of flowers and candlesticks would be fitting to the space.

Organise your essentials

When you have too much toiletries, consider placing them into a tray. This will not only organise your daily essentials but store them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This effect will work especially well if with a pot-pourri or small vase of flowers.

Incorporate shelving

For bathroom vanities with a lack of surface, consider fixing up a shelf for all your trinkets. It is also advisable to keep the décor to the minimal in case of clutter. Figurines or simple vases can be placed in symmetry for an added class.

Follow a colour theme

When unsure of what décor style to go for, consider choosing a colour theme. Select colours that are present in your bathroom for a smooth transition between décor and concept. When going for a colour theme, keep the décor to a minimal as it has the potential to look overdone.

Keep it simple

Eclectic style bathrooms have a tendency to look overly decorated. It is crucial that the décor is kept simple. When choosing a décor, opt for one that complements the overall decor. Flowers are often the most popular choice.