Defining A Space with Rugs

Little thought is often given to rugs except for its aesthetic value. However, various types and shapes of rugs can elevate the overall ambience of the space. Here is a run down of how rugs can help to enhance the concept.

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Soften the Edges

Round rugs can be used to soften a space. This is especially helpful for spaces that appear too angular. Small areas can reap benefits of having a circular rug as it gives an impression of a well supplemented space.

Focal Point

Small rugs are a good investment when wanting to draw attention to a certain area. When used in a neutral schemed space, it provides a much needed accent and personality.

Lengthening the space

Floor runners, like what its name suggests, is an elongated piece of rug often place on entry ways and corridors. These rugs leave an impression of space larger than it originally is.

Patterned personality

Enhance a neutral, minimalist space with a patterned rug. The design acts as a balance to the absence of design element in the overall space. Supplement the design with cushions of similar design or fabric.

Texturise the space

To add texture and ambience to a space, sheepskin rugs are one example of such home accessories. These rugs brings an added sense of comfort and homey feeling to the space.