Introducing Tribal Prints

Tribal prints are a reflection of the vibrancy of the culture. Incorporate this zest into your living space by mixing and matching these intricate designs with modern sensitivities.

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Supplement designs

Inject some dynamism onto your space with tribal pattern prints and cushions. This works especially well in concepts that values minimalism.

Mask the walls

Contrary to what many might think, the modern concept works especially well with the tribal home accessories. The way to get around this is to choose tribal designs or décor that are complementary to the overall colour scheme of the space.

Monotonous neutral

Tribal style can make a chic space as well. Opt for neutral coloured décor pieces in black, whites and greys for an understated charm.

A pop of patterns

To go tribal might be intimidating with its tendency to be overly ornate. If that is the case, injecting just a single element can also bring a native feeling to the space. It also brings focal attention to that particular area.

Daily essentials

Day to day items can be used as a decor piece. Tribal baskets or tray are often weaves with vividly dyed straws. These are especially beautiful as a feature at the entryway.