Rustic Modern

The modern concept is known to be heavy and can give off a serious impression. To prevent this modish look from being overly severe, fusing a little rustic charm can turn this stoic concept into a chic, homely space. Here's a run down on how to achieve this cosy environment.

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Install Wooden beams

For the most understated rustic element in a modern space, consider having wooden ceiling or beams. Though out of the line of sight, the impression of weight from the wood ceiling brings about an intimate space.

Lay Wooden Flooring

The modern design space focusses on creating a neutral space void of any design complications. To steer from this static space, laying wooden flooring can introduce some rustic warmth seamlessly.

Selecting the right shade

When incorporating rustic flair into a modern design, one must take special care when choosing the colour for the space. It is important to note that texture of the rustic piece is just as essential. Opt for a smooth lacquer finish for the safest transition between the two styles.

Select a focal piece

The characteristics of a modern space is mainly based the composite of carefully curated furnishing. To bring a balance of the unrefined and the stylish, select a single piece of furnishing as the main focal point.

Focus on the Detailing

Selecting rustic style detailing is more for the acquired taste. This style is for the daring and the careful. Incorporating a small piece of rustic in the modern space breaks the monotony of the simplistic concept.