Dried Flower Decor

Fresh flowers have an ability to soften the overall look of a space. However, don't toss away those dried blossoms just yet. There are several ways of making full use of these dainty buds.

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Floral Specimens


Dried flowers can be used as a form of wall feature. Pick various types of dried flowers and tape them in an organised manner on the wall.

Dried flower arrangement


Dried stalks of flowers are wonderful for understated décor. Simply place them into multiple slim flutes and line them up together. This simple décor can be enhanced with a random scattering of pine cones and dried leaves.

Flower Potpurri


Dried flowers are delightful as potpourri especially when placed in dainty little glass cannisters, tied up with ribbon. Enhance its natural scent by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils.

Mixing florals and prints


Add a sense of eclecticism by mixing and matching bundles of flowers with old photos and trinkets. This unlikely pairing as a wall feature will definitely draw attention.

Flower Baubles


Baubles can be used all year round. Simply find clear baubles and drop in a few sprigs of flowers for a minimalistic look.