Tips to Creating a Vignette

Vignette are simply well curated pieces placed in the same area. This design term might sound daunting, but many are unknowingly doing it. Here are 5 tips to for a well composed vignette.

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Adequate lighting

It is important to have adequate lighting in décor. Lighting for the vignette can come in the form of recessed lighting, spotlight, and the more common table lamp.

Create depth

While some designs focus on symmetry, it is still important to create depth. This can be achieved by staggering the ornaments. To maximise the effect, ornaments can be placed on mirrors.

Vary size and texture

To introduce contrast and diversity to a vignette, add décor pieces that vary in size and textures. This variation makes for an engaging feature.

Choose a theme

Any décor professional would give this advice when it comes to decorating, that is to create a theme. Themes can come in the form of colors or objects. Having a theme often helps as a guide for the overall design.

Put up a focal point

Every space requires a focal point as a guide for appreciation. Focal point in vignette are usually in the form of large portraits and mirrors. It is important that the point of focus is large enough to hold weight in the space.