5 Looks for a Seating Area

Seating areas come in many forms and many ways. The recent interior trend is to incorporate the use of pictures and frames. Take a look at how this arrangement can be fused into various design concepts.

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Rustic Charms


The predominantly wood rustic concept revolves around having creating a comfortable space. The intensity of wood may appear overly severe, however, it can be balanced with a simple plant, neutral painting and cream seating.

Industrial Country


Country concepts does not always mean having worn out wood or metal as the framing for the furnishing. Polished metal and refined wood are used in place to create a cleaner looking country style. To make for a convincing space, flowers are recommended.

Modern Neutral


The modern design takes into consideration the functionality and simplistic aesthetic value of the space. More often than not, modern spaces are donned in neutral schemes. This stoic design can be given some life with a images of ferns and plants.

Eclectic Charisma


The eclectic concept encompasses the use of designs from various time period. This is usually done by mixing furnishing with signature textures. Throwing in a a planter and cushion for accents on the space.

Scandinavian Chic


Governed by simplicity and functionality, the Scandinavian concept is designed for comfort and living in ease. Add a luscious wool throw for a chic touch.