Creating Your Scandinavian Pad

The Scandinavian design takes consideration of all things functional, comfortable when creating home that is well loved. Here are some tips to creating your very own Scandinavian abode.

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Neutral and natural colors

Lighters colours give an impression of an airy and wide space. Colours like white, cream and soft greys are often used as the main schemes. At times, various shades of pastels are used to accent the space.

Hardwood flooring

Impressive and homely, hardwood floorings are fundamental to the construction of an authentic Scandinavian styled home. Difficult to maintain in warmer, humid weathers, an alternative can in vinyl floorings in wood design.

Decorate the walls

Scandinavian design spaces often appear wide and bare. Hang up pieces of inspiring artwork on the walls to relief the space of it neutral scheme.

Accentuate with Lighting

Lighting is essential in the space no matter the concept. In Scandinavian themed homes, lights are used to accentuate the wideness of the space. As such, it is important to ensure that every area is well lit for a bright space.

Pieces of curiosities

To make a Scandinavian space come alive, well curated pieces of art, and eclectic timepieces are essential. The décor do not have to be excessive, a select handful of curios can work just as well.