A Taste for The Neutral

Grey is a neutral colour that brings the attention to other design aspects. But what if grey is made the focal point, how will this usually uninterested colour scheme affect the rest of the space? Discover what it serves up in the kitchen.

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Just an Industrial


Industrial style kitchens are stripped to its basic functionalities. As such, the grey allows focus on the functions of the space. For individuals with a preference for a no frills, yet well rounded design, opting for shades of grey adds a sense of dimension than sticking to white.

Tiled up in Grey


Bright and lively coloured tiles are common in kitchens. For grey to be use in its stead, it takes a brave heart and an eye for design. Grey large tiles give an edge in contemporary styled kitchens. It provides depth in an otherwise flat design.

Sleek carpentry


While kitchen cabinets are often done up in wood tones, incorporating colour might be choice for those looking for a sleek finish kitchen. This neutral colour does really well with white and stainless steel.

Textures Doors


Grey can appear dull, that is why adding texture to the cabinet can give an impression of lines and eclecticism. Mixing with white cabinets can brings balance.

Smooth Walls and Floors


Impression from an all grey space may be a dark to some, but incorporating light coloured furnishing introduces light to the space, ensuring a form of composure.