Accenting with Touches of Gold

Gold , a colour of regal quality and sophistication. There were days that it was thought to be everything dated. However, with the right complementing pieces, touches of gold can instantly brighten up and introduce a sense of chic to the space.

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Feature with dimensions

Excessive gold pieces can make a space feel heavy and can be overly harsh on the overall design. For a subtle touch, select just a handful of gold items and place it at different area of the space, this creates depth in the space. White or light colour schemes are suggested as it balances the design.

Gold everywhere

Incorporating gold does not mean that it has to be on furnishing and fixtures alone. Gold can be incorporated into various patterns, on fabrics or textiles in the room.

All in the same tone

Gold comes in various tints and shades. One can opt to decorate the space in a single gold tone for a seamless look. This style helps to tie in the design should there be any loose ends.

Texturise and patterning

Textures and patterns are important when it comes to design. These design elements help to break away from the monotony of the usual solid colours. Also, it makes a space appear more charismatic.

Make it subtle

While some prefer to have gold at obvious places, some prefer to have it hidden to a point where it just supplements the space. Opting for gold shelving is a subtle way of incorporating this precious colour. To encourage a flawless design, small gold decoratives and curiosities are suggested.