Decorating Above the Headboard

The space above the bed is a hardly a dead space if you know exactly how to decorate it. Whether you choose to personalise your nest area or create something unique out of it, this blank canvas is waiting for you to unleash your creativity.

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Simplicity matters

When the concept of your space leans towards keeping to the minimal, so should your décor. A simple flag or decal should suffice. It is important that the decorating should complement or supplement and never to overwhelm.

Unconventional Pieces

Every concept has a few characteristic materials that define the style. Why not incorporate them above the bed. This way, it ensure that the entire design of the space remain true to the form.

By Words

Logophile or not, quotes and words seems to resonate a sense of eclecticism when used as décor. For a seamless design, it is important that the colour of the décor blends with the overall scheme

Reflective surfaces

Mirrors are often used to decorate the space above the bed. For one, it drastically creates an enlarged room. For an updated space, opt of mirrors with unique framing. This way, it doubles up as a focal point.

Plants over heads

Lovers of nature would appreciate this unique décor. Putting up artificial greenery as part of your décor to stay true to a garden themed space. Incorporate elements such as butterflies or flowers for authenticity.