5 Ways of Decorating Your Sofa

There are more than one way to decorate your sofa. And yes, it's more than just a random throw of pillows on your centrepiece of the living area. Find out various methods to bring the seating area to life in your living space.

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Place textured cushions on your sofa for an eclectic look. Textures brings an added dimension and character to the focal point of the living area.

Throw in a Blanket


Blankets are a good alternative than just having plain cushions. Opt for a solid colour blanket for simplicity. For a more dynamic design, patterns are great to brighten up a space.

Mixing Prints


Only for the daring and those with an eye for great coordination. Mixing prints and colours are suggested for neutral and clean spaces.

Symmetrical Style


One can hardly go wrong with a symmetrical style cushion d├ęcor. Keep it up to date with matching size cushions in complementary prints.

Of all shapes and size


Void the monotony by having cushions of various shapes and sizes. Keeping it in simple colours can help to emphasize the diversity and consideration behind the design.