Creating An Industrial Space

The stripped down nature of the industrial concept is the very reason why many fall in love with this rugged, unkempt design. Discover how to create this raw design.

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Metal Furnishings and Unpolished Finishings

For an industrial style space, it is important to capture its characteristics through materials and finishes. Raw metals and weathered wood are typical of this concept.

Black, Grey and White

Industrial concept fringes on the dark and stale side. So, to recreate such a look, blacks, greys and whites are typically used to reinforce the idea of worn spaces.

Simple Walls and Floors

No such thing as intricate detailing and cornices in industrial design. The key to is to keep surfaces such as walls and flooring simple. Poured concrete, bricks or just a simple white wall does the trick.

Exposed Wiring

The charm of industrial style spaces lie in the exposed wiring. This casual, nonchalant design speaks volume about minimalism and allows the beauty of raw unpolished materials to follow through.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures in industrial concepts are essential as the space can appear dull and without life. Incorporating metal style lighting can brighten up the space without losing any industrial flair,