Scandinavian Pastel

The Scandinavian style is a well balanced mix of design and functionality. A concept made for lovers of colour and comfort, it is not unusual to find the use of pastel throughout the space. Imbue feelings of familiarity and cosiness with these soft hues.

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One Tone

Some like to keep things simple. While making use of only a single colour may appear slightly dull, opt for the same colour in different shades. The secret to an engaging space is to keep the coloured furnishings to a minimal.

Accent with Accessories

The simplicity of a Scandinavian design lies in the use of its pristine white walls. This blank canvas provides a place to play up your concept with colourful home accessories.

Complementary Colours

Too much pastel can be a little daunting. Create a seamless space by having transitional colours. These colours can be incorporated into furnishings and fixtures.

Running Theme

Themes help to establish a focus in the design. Selecting a colour to run across the major design space in your room, such as walls and accompanying home d├ęcor. For added appeal, include a contrasting colour for a pop.

Mix it Up

For the most bright and fun space, incorporate all sorts of pastel colour. It is important to note that these colourful inclusions should accent the space rather than overwhelm. To do so, ensure that there are neutral colours to balance the space.