5 Tips on Interior Painting

There are more ways to paint your home than just that typical solid coloured wall. Discover 5 interesting ways to add personality to your space with something as simple as painting designs on the wall.

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Timeless Patterns


Patterns are easiest way to decorate a space. These repetitive design elements can instantly perk up the space. Whether one chooses a swanky chevron, modern herringbone or the run of the mill shape patterns, one can be sure that it's timeless.

Strokes of Genius


Treat the wall as a canvas and let your inner Picasso take stride - and there, you have an abstract piece of art. While others have a commonly painted space, you have a one of a kind wall that showcases your design sensitivities.

Point of Transition


Monotony is a dangerous game in the world of interior design. Discard all potential of that by introducing gradient to your wall colour. This transition has an ability to direct the eyes to the feature of the room without being overly obvious.



Colour blocking is the stacking of bold colours atop each other. While this look can tend to be striking, it is absolutely delightful in eclectic style spaces.

Just Feature


What speaks volume about the painting style in a space is not how much a colour can fill the entire wall, but how it can lend a sense of character to the space. Painting a feature space on the wall can undoubtedly do that.