Decorating Odd Shaped Spaces

Odd shaped layout can be an obstacle for novice home owners seeking to decorate their brand new space. Learn how to harmonise the unique qualities of your irregular shaped room with various interior design tactics for a one of a kind abode.

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Form a partition

In an odd shaped room, you can have the liberty to play around with your space. Create two functional spaces by forming a partition with furnishings. Multiple angles can bring dimension to the space. This way, you can choose the best way to redecorate whenever you like.

Soft furnishings

If you have many angles in your space, you can consider having soft furnishings to soften the edges in the space. Refrain from having large and bulky furnishings as it tend to leave a cluttered impression. Rugs are also good home accessories to lessen the harsh corners.

Install large windows and lights

When one has too many corners in the space. light is important to prevent the room from appearing overly dark. If possible, install large windows to allow natural light in. Having adequate lighting around the space is also another alternative to brighten up the space.

Décor centric space

Décor and curios are great home accessories to distract one from the sharp and odd angles in the space. Incorporate similar style decorations for an impression of a regular layout space.

Feature wall

Odd angles in your space gives you an opportunity to make use of the obtruding wall as a feature piece. This can create an interesting focal point, drawing attention away from its original odd shape.