Bold and Beautiful Coloured Spaces

Intensity, vibrancy and power are words often used to describe bright and bold colours. To create a statement space with strong personality, incorporate bold colours on the walls. Discover the effects of what each colour has on the space.

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Cobalt Intensity

Hues of blue are known to be calming. With cobalt, it packs a punch compared to the conventional lighter shades. Complement this strong colour with whites for a well harmonised space.

Lively Yellow

For a bright and stimulating environment, yellow is best to comes to bring about this effect. As it can appear overly intense, it will advisable to keep balance it well with neutral colours.

Regal Plum

Luscious, sophisticated and everything classy. Deep purple emits a sense of majestic grace. It can have a tendency to feel overly claustrophobic to some, to avert that effect include complementary colours to the space.

Friendly Cocoa

The colour of the earth often resonates as an inviting colour. In every way neutral, this comforting colour provides a strong statement just like black, but with a tinge of light-heartedness with its slightly delicate hue.

Hearty Green

Strong, yet provides a sense of reassurance, one can be feel safe behind these walls. Create perfect emerald green space by matching it with chocolate brown furnishings.