Comfortable Living

For every working adult, nothing beats propping up your sore legs as you nestle into your couch, reading or enjoying the late night show. To create this cozy retreat in your home, it takes careful selection of furnishing. And yes, it can be achieved in any design concept.

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Chic Comfort

An eclectic space is not a mess of pre-loved furnishing as what many might mistake this concept to be. Keeping to neutrals will help to clean up and balance the space. Opting for rugs, plenty of cushion and a plush seating for a comfy, friendly impression.

Scandinavian Retreat

Neat and without much of a fuss, it's like a no frills kind of comfort for the average Joe or Jane. White spaces with pops of bright colours bring personality to the space without much effort at all. Balance out the space with some strong neutral colours for a dependable space.

Casual Tranquility

Comfort comes in all forms. It is good to have personality in your space. Whether does it come in the form of stripes or dots, it is encouraged that colours should be kept light or within the same hue or shade.

Laid Back Sanctuary

The Scandinavian concept speaks voice when it comes to balancing form and function. A well designed space should not only include typical characteristics of the concept, but also personal and even some off beat decor items. This will make the space appear 'liveable'.

Curated Living

To maintain high comfort, it doesn't mean that design have to be forfeited. For individuals that are particular about the look of the space, opt for various textiles and fabrics to soften up the look of the space. Throws, cushions and rugs are highly recommended.