Metallic Swanky Spaces

Chic and almost daunting, metals are materials that are thought to be difficult to meld around spaces. It is not wrong to think that way, but if one decided to incorporate this robust element to their home, it makes for a statement unlike any other.

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Twice the Effect

Too much of a good thing can be bad, but that depends on what that thing is. Greys from metals are harsh on spaces, so it is important to balance that out. Consider having the flooring in a metallic shade together with an accompanying wall feature for a seamless overall look.

Accompanying metallics

When one has a wall of silver in the space, it automatically turns into the focal point. As metallics are thought to be colours that are severe, d├ęcor in various metallics are essential to bring the overall concept without having to look as though it is an incomplete design.

Pattern for Balance

Patterns in interior design are to bring in diversity to the space. To soften the usually rigid material, patterns are good to balance out the metals in the space.

For added Measure

With the shiny characteristic of metallic surfaces, light fixtures are great to create dimension. For a subtle effect, a space with plenty of natural light will enhance the polished material.

Complementary Tones

Like how the colours are used in interior spaces, when using a dark colour metallic material, complementary colours are used to complement the space. For wide areas, try incorporating focal furnishings in a lighter shade to steer the space from appearing to claustrophobic.