Conceptualising the Platform Bed

Certain furnishing are thought to be characteristic of certain concepts; much like the platform bed is to the Zen style. That however, is contended in today's interior design landscape. Take a look at how this signature furnishing can be transferred into other concepts.

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Eclectic Infusion

Eclectic concept spaces focusses on bringing out the unique qualities of one's personality through the choice of furnishing and d├ęcor. A platform bed in this concept portrays a laid back attitude, and serves to balance out the various textures in the space.

Scandinavian Simplicity

Fringing on comfort and clean cut design, the platform bed seems to fall right into place with the Scandinavian concept. Despite being from culturally different, the backbone of the design is based on simplicity.

Contemporary Chic

Contemporary spaces are a combination of various concepts. In a sense it's almost eclectic but on the sleeker and cleaner side. Platform beds have this very quality of unspoken sophistication the meld ever so well with this space.

Minimalist Sophistication

Bare is not boring. In fact minimalist concepts allow for one to play with recreating visual and design elements that are thought to be too brusque. Platform beds offer that chance to make bold design statements without having it go off tangent.

Asian Allure

Asian concept spaces focusses on harmonise all units of design. While some aspects are embellished with intricate designs, simplicity still prevails. Platform beds in design and form are uncomplicated, great to creating a holistic space.