Decorating your Kitchen

A kitchen should be a space that encompasses everything human. Apart from the usual kitchen appliances and wares, take into consideration how these décor ideas can turn your kitchen into a warmer, homely space.

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Put up shelves

It is a waste not to make use of the walls in the kitchen. Fixing up shelving on the walls make up for any lack of storage, or simply act as a space for all your décor.

Home grown herbs

The best way to introduce the outdoors in, is to have your very own herb garden. Have tiny planters of your favourite herb line the windows of your kitchen. It not only gives a delicate look, but leaves a refreshing scent.

Pantry in plain sight

This might appear untidy to some, but having the pantry laid out as a form of décor is not only efficient, but it adds character to the space. Other than kitchen wares, consider placing condiments and ingredients.

Hang up your kitchenware

Hanging up all your kitchen equipments make for not only a more efficient space, but it allows one to show off their latest kitchen gadget.

Fruits and florals

Keep the space light and fresh with flowers and plated fruits. Simple and almost at not much of a cost. The best thing about this décor is that you can change it without much of a hassle.