Elements of a Cosy Living

With the stresses from work and life, many yearn for a cosy space to relax at the end of the day. Here are some top tips to create a sanctuary to unwind to through the weekend.

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Fluff up with pillows


Pillows are a great instalment to any space. It soften the overall outlook, and it leaves a laid back impression.

Warm the light


Lights play a major role in creating ambience. Candles and lanterns are good d├ęcor choices. If the space gears towards simplicity, consider the use of warm lighting for the same effect.

Lay out the rugs


Rugs are often used to subtly mark the boundary of a space. Create a comfort zone with a neutral carpet or rug. Throw in some large floor pillows for the most laid back look.

Plenty of throws


Throws are like a more chic form of the blanket.Patterned throws provides a pop of personality for neutral themed spaces. For a subtle look, woven throws should be considered instead.