Add Character to White Kitchens

White spaces are a dream to doll up. For one, these blank canvases provide you the opportunity to mould the ambience of the room according to your personality. Kitchens are the heart of the home, here are some tips and tricks to up your kitchen game.

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Patterns on point

While many go for having the whole wall donned with patterns, keeping it minimal can create just as big an impact. Scaling down the design allows for focus on area that matter to you.

Tiled Backsplash

Tiles are used frequently in kitchen design for its easy maintenance. Instead of opting for a tiles of a lighter shade, why select bold colours that contrasts with your white cabinets. This contemporary style kitchen is all about understated sophistication and warm hospitality.

Ground work

Personalising your space does not mean just focussing on the design at eye level. A little, if not some emphasis should be placed on the choice of flooring for your pristine kitchen. Wooden flooring gives a strong, yet cosy experience. If you desire a sleeker space, tiles are a better fit.

Features and Statements

For white schemed spaces, statement materials can bring the overall concept to life. When selecting your materials, whether for a feature wall or surface, it is important to stick close to the theme of the space. This modern rustic country kitchen is a prime example, where rugged acid washed bricks meets the polished granite counter top.

Hidden Colours

If you are one for the subtle, incorporating hints of colour in your white schemed kitchen brings a sense of wonderment. This curious design style focusses on keeping the space light and fresh, yet with a little rebelliousness.