Open Concept Bath and Bedrooms

Daring and, almost unheard of for interior design in most Asian homes. The open-concept bath and bedroom garners more than just a number of curious cats, but a fair share of critics as well. Discover for yourself the wonders of opening up your private space.

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Modern Seclusion

A dream for city dwellers, an open concept bath and bedroom saves not only space, but incorporates the chic urban sensibilities every aspect. Large windows invite the life of the bustling city in. Drapery can veil from prying eyes.

Wood Works

Materials such as wood are used to bring a sense of calm and warmth to a space. It also creates a smooth transition between the open concept bath and bedroom. For the most modern touch, granite surfaces are popular choices to go along with wood.


Open concept spaces are ones that focus on accessibility. For some, privacy is just as important. This is where textiles come into play. Whether one chooses to separate the spaces or leave it as on large area, it's entirely up to you.

Simplified Access

Minimalism thrives on getting the most out of the least. That is why the open concept bed and bathroom works especially well with this design. For a less monotonous space, select colours of varying gradient to create depth.

Luxe Retreat

The bed and bath are two spaces of escape from the harsh stresses of daily life. Art deco designs bring the charm of the old world into your abode. With an open concept bath and bedroom, it promises nothing less than luxury.