Muted Colours For 2015

Design is always changing and the same goes for interior colour schemes. For 2015, subdue tones are slowly gaining popularity this year. These toned down shades have the ability to create proportion, dimension, yet with provides a refreshing vibe to the space.

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Mellow Mauve

Mauve is in the shade of light purple with hints of grey. This mysterious colour is characteristically feminine and composed. It is especially fitting for softening spaces with many edges and corners.

Soft Sunshine

Forget white and cream, when soft yellow can bring effortless brightness into your abode. Steer away from the overly enthusiastic primary tone, instead, opting for the subtle makes the colour all the more forgiving.

Complementing Grey

Not the most popular colour, grey does have its credit when it comes to providing a canvas for your interior d├ęcor, without losing any personality. Though thought to be characteristically depressing in nature, finding the balance with complementing furnishing can elevate the overall mood of the space.

Dimensional Taupe

Taupe is the marriage between grey and brown. This effortlessly sophisticated transitional colour is one that practically eases into any type of interior concept. For homes with curved surfaces, it does give an illusion of dimension and gradient.

Mossy Green

It might be daunting on its own, but the mossy green is a colour that reflects a zest for life and adventure. This shade of green limits the type of colours that can be used in the space. On the safe side, opt for muted colours and neutrals such as greys and whites.