Creating a Bold Space with Yellow

If brightness is what you want in your home, there are several ways to create this atmosphere. You can do so by having adequate lighting and ensure that natural light flows with ease into the space. Alternatively, yellow can be injected for that extra zest. Here are tips to create that light space without it looking over the top.

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Wall Decor

A neutral space can be made bold with pictures. Hanging up pictures and paintings can introduce colours and design without taking much space and looking overly excessive. Take into consideration the size and frames of the wall d├ęcor. A large and thin frame gives off a clean design, while many small thick frames are for creating a strong impact.

Feature Furnishing

Sometimes a space do not need to be overwhelmed with bright colours to be a bold space. To create emphasis, having a single furniture in your space in a bold hue makes for a much stronger impact.

Bright Surfaces

They say "go big or go home", but for interior design, it really depends on the situation. If you consider to create an impact by having your walls painted in the same hue, it is best suggested to have it painted in a lighted hue. To supplement the space, adding other bold colours can help to negate the monotony.

Incorporating Fabric

Many do not realise that fabrics in the form of bed spreads and cushions can create a bold statement in the space. Bright patterned fabrics are daring, but yet has the ability to soften a space with its characteristically draping texture.

Running Patterns

A daring interior is more than just colour, it can be created with a combination of colours or through repetition of patterns. When a space is done with both said aspects, it is crucial to make sure that either the colours or patterns are kept subtle.