Themed Dining Concepts

For function based spaces like the dining area, there are more to interior design than just placing a table and chair. Creating a theme for the space and having well curated pieces of décor can enhance what is thought to be a solely utilitarian space.

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Contemporary Museum

Museums own an aesthetically clean, yet intriguing design space. Mostly done up in contemporary style, this comes as an apt theme for individuals seeking for a sleek themed dining space.

Dining in the Diner

What is more apt than having the dining area look something out of a 70s' diner? To get this look, wall tiles are suggested. It is important to create repetition, ensure that by having similar furnishing, lighting and décor.

Food for Thought

Nothing speaks efficiency than merging two functional spaces together. The library with its shelves of books make for a beautiful backdrop and conversation starter for guests.

Veranda Dining

Dining should not be limited to to the indoors. If the veranda allows for space, bring the outdoors in by placing the dining space there. Here, guests can take in the view of the outdoors at the comfort of an indoor environment.

Art Gallery

Art enthusiasts can line up pieces of their favourite along the length of the dining space. To keep up with the art gallery theme, the overall dining space should be kept minimal to prevent the look from looking excessive.