Colour of Plums

Purples are known to be difficult colours to work with. This characteristically serious hue often put amateur interior designers in a bind. However, one does not need to fret, as with the right supplementary colours, plum spaces can be easily manipulated according to your preferences.

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Scandinavian Casual

Scandinavian spaces focus on a balance between design and function. This concept fringes on the minimalist, making the plum a good colour to work around. Whether complementary or analogous colours, keep it muted to ensure an overall seamless design.

Contemporary Chic

Purple can be overly serious. This characteristic can be carefully negated with introduction of natural light and lighter hues. Materials such as wood can be a transition between the colours in the room and bring some warmth to the space.

Sheer Sophistication

When a colour like deep plum presents itself, it is only right to provide a canvas that is able to carry the weight of its rich colour. In such cases, making use of greys and metals can be a good way to showcase this visual stunner.

Bold Statement

The seriousness of plum can be made fun. This can be done by incorporating bright bold colours to lift the mood of the space. Ensure the overall the light atmosphere runs through the space, pillows and furnishings should be kept on the brighter side of the colour wheel.

Lush Furnishing

Furnishings make up the focal point of a space. While neutral coloured furniture can be easy to match, colours such as plum delivers a stronger impact. When opting for such colours, ensure that the overall space is kept light to give a sense of an open space. For this effect, consider colours such as cream, peach or white.