Table Setting for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is fast on its way. This special occasion calls for some bonding with with your loved ones. Whether is it with your significant other, with your family, or with your band of friends, here are some table setting tips to bring some romance in the air.

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Stalks of flowers

Whether roses, calla lilies or hydrangeas, flowers are important to romanticise the space. It helps to lighten the atmosphere and at the same time, brings the freshness of the outdoors in.

Candles for mood

Nothing better to create an intimate mood than to have a handful of lighted candles as part of your table setting. Warm lighting are known to bring a sense of comfort. Tea lights are great options to create this atmosphere.

Customised placecards

Get creative with the place cards. Keeping it simple is no crime for those short on time. It is however important to have make it interesting for the guests. For a personal touch, you can add a note of appreciation for the guest.

Valentine inspired food

Just like any other special occasions, a successful and memorable Valentine's get together party should have a food based on the themed. It could be food in the shape of hearts or simply just how it is packaged, it makes a difference to your guests and the mood of the dinner party.

Matching Table Settings

Table settings are one of the most important aspects when it comes to hosting a party. A well paired table setting shows the dedication and consideration that can along with the planning of the party. One can go for an eclectic look with mismatched plates, but it is important to find a design factor that ties everything together. That could be the colour, shapes or patterns.