Chic décor for Chinese New Year

Red, red and more red. This strong and imposing colour signifies prosperity in the Chinese culture. Though it may be so, the modern home owners may feel daunted by this colour option. Here are some tips and tricks to balance out the red and the Chinese styled décor items for a chic modern space.

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A jar of fortune cookies

A crowd pleaser and a curious décor. Incorporating a jar of fortune cookies can instantly bring up the fun atmosphere in the space. Whether the fortune cookies are edible or made of paper, it is bound to attract attention.

Chinoiserie vases

Porcelain vases are typical of Chinese style décor. It is not uncommon to see this décor element incorporated during the lunar new year. Place fresh or artificial plum blossoms to welcome the coming of spring.

Wreath of spring

East meets west in this Chinese New Year style wreath. This simple décor can be hung over doors or in the dining areas. This décor works best in minimalist spaces.

Lantern centerpiece

Red lanterns are characteristic of Chinese décor. Put a modern twist to it be surrounding it with flowers. For the most authentic look, opt for peonies.

Pots of gold

Plants can be decorated during this time of the ear. Bring in fortune by placing gold ingots on the base of your plants.