Table Setting for the New Year

Reunion dinner is a time where relatives from near and far gather. It is also the best excuse to plan for a beautiful table setting fit for the occasion. The décor for New Year goes beyond having red and hanging lanterns. There are various elements of the Chinese culture that can be incorporated in the design of your tablescape.

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Setting the Signs

The Chinese believes that each year is governed by an animal. Take into consideration this Chinese custom by placing the animal of your guest in place of a place card. It makes an interesting piece for your guests to bring home.

Roots of the Culture

Bamboos are one of the ground foundations of the Chinese culture. It is thought that this auspicious plant brings good luck and fortune. To create this theme, ensure to incorporate some contrast with black or red.

Auspicious Greeting

While most Chinese décor fringes on the excessive and flamboyant, it is also alright to head for the simple. Tying a traditional greeting with your serviettes is not only minimalistic, but chic as well.

Providing Forecast

Most during this period, skeptical or not, would spend sometime reading their fortune for the coming year. Why not make it interesting for your guests by serving them a piece of fortune on their plate. It will be a wonderful conversation starter.

Chinoiserie Chic

For those with an acquired taste, setting up your table with chinoiserie vases and ornaments will definitely be an invitation for awe struck guests. It is important to ensure that there are plenty of plants to dress up the table to prevent it from looking too unfriendly.