Seating for a Small Living Area

For the design to flow seamlessly in a small living area, it is important that the furnishing are scaled down to accommodate to the space. The seating are the focal point of the living room and although there are space constraints, there are ways to work around them.

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Merging Functional Spaces

When one has space constraints, it is inevitable that two areas have to merge into one. When the dining room and living area are set together, it can make the space appear as though there are too much seating. One way to steer away from that look is through opting a warm tone and that the furnishing are along the same colour scheme.

Pop of colour

When your space is set in a monochromatic scheme, it is important to bring some variation to the space, be in it colour or pattern. Incorporate pop of colour on furnishing or small decor items to give an impression that the space is larger than it seems.

Drawing lines

Many have the misconception that white walls create a larger space. That is only true if it is supplemented with lines and dimension. Pick patterned cushions to decorate neutral seating or frames to create depth.

Lights and Surfaces

Larger spaces are often decorate with many furniture. Translate this look into a smaller space by opting for small round tables. Create depth by having floor lights by the seating area.

Clutter free Space

The most important thing about creating a focal point out of the seating in a small space is ensuring that the room is clutter free. Shelving are great way for storage as it makes us of the wall space.