5 Stunning Subdue Interior Spaces

Muted colours emit a sense of calm and overall tranquillity. Despite its subdue characteristics, these colours leads you by the hand into a sanctuary that is not only your and yours alone, but a space that is reflects your personality.

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Keeping to a Single Hue


While a single colour schemed space may be on the safe side, one should not steer away from this design style. Introducing textures such as reflective surfaces and supplemented lighting can further accentuate the minimalistic space.

Accomodating Triadic Hues


The best way to design a space without overwhelming it, is through subtle hues. Due to its muted nature, incorporating various colours can in fact, modernize the space. To prevent it from looking overly stale, patterns and textures are highly recommended.

Of Different Shades


Shades of a colour are much welcomed in interior design. This introduces dimension and depth to a minimalistic space. This effect can be fully manifested with white walls.

Muted Textures


Birch wood is a light wood that opens up the space due to its bright colour. This texture work especially with with deeper subdue hues like deep blues, greys and greens.

Subdue Furnishing


Colour schemes can come in the form of furnishings. Opt for subtle hues for for your significant pieces of furnishing in your space. One can also opt for analogous hues for a seamless transition between colours.