Incorporating Bamboo in Your Home

Bamboos are a favourite for interior designers because of its versatility. In certain cultures, it signifies prosperity and luck, which explains why it is more prevalent in the interior designs in certain countries. Discover how this sturdy element can be incorporated into various concept homes.

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Wall Feature

The most common usage for bamboo in interior d├ęcor comes in the form of wall feature. It can be a stand alone piece or as the main feature of the space, either way, it gives weight to the space.

Wall Partitions

Walls can appear too static when it comes to dividing a space. Bamboo dividers on the other hand, does a great job in sectioning. This alternative also makes the environment appear warm.

Statement Decor

A well design bamboo centrepiece commands attention. In a space that lacks character, this can be a stunning way to anchor the overall deign of the space.

Painted Furnishings

Bamboo furnishings are gaining much popularity. Known to be a robust material, it is often made into furnishings. Although it is typically used in Asian style interiors, coloured bamboo furnishings are appearing in more eclectic spaces.

Murals and Wallpapers

Having a bamboo mural or wallpaper serves not only serves the purpose of decorating the wall space, it brings a sense of overall tranquillity.