Pointers for a Modern Chic Abode

Chic, unadulterated and modern are the ambience most young city dweller seek to achieve from the overall design of their home. This swanky abode is not difficult to attain. Take into consideration these five pointers while creating your mod space.

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Gold Edging


Gold is a colour of extravagance. Use it excessively, it can appear overbearing, so it is important to use it wisely. For the most swanky space, gold can be incorporated on bits and pieces of decor or furnishing. The key is to keep it minimal.

Minimalist Bartops


To some, a bartop might be excessive in a small space. But there is always some form of envy and romanticism that stems from owning a bar. To make it dual functional by having excess storage so that it can be easily converted into a chic workspace.

Reflective Surfaces


Mirrored surfaces and chrome are often used to express a clean look. Hardly static, it offers not only dimension, but it provides direction to the design of the overall space.

Bold Furnishing


A chic home has to be one that spell out ones personality. Whether one is more of a flamboyant nature or prefers to be subtle, a bold furnishing can provide perspective to the space. For an understated bold look, opt for patterns or designs in muted shades.

Clean Lines


The design aspect that makes a home modern and chic is to maintain clean lines. This means that the design and placement of décor should be kept organised and neat. Ornaments should be well curated to prevent the look from steering towards a modern eclectic look.