Polish Up Your Space with Brass

Certain interior spaces seem to have this unexplained elegance about it. For starters, it does not have to take a celebrity interior decorator to create a polished home, Learn how brass can be incorporated to make for a sophisticated living space.

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Hanging Feature


It's eye catching enough to have a hanging ornament to decorate your space; what more can one say about a brass feature? To create a statement space, incorporating a large piece of brass can be influential and can bring a little sophistication to the space.

Geometric Walls


In neutral schemed spaces, nothing brings out subtle warmth than brass. While browns run the risk of appearing overly dull and methodological, the reflective nature of brass helps to create depth seamlessly.

Golden Tap


Contrasts are great to create a bold space. To infuse a little art deco into a subway tiled bathroom, one can consider fixing brass bath accessories. This can brighten up the overall black schemed space, at the same time, introduce some style to the casual space.

Neat Sides


Large and bulky furnishing are no longer used in to create statements. With many aiming to have a sleeker finish in their home, brass are becoming a popular alternative to create a focal point. It is important to keep the furnishing simple.

Dual Reflection


A distinguished room is create with not only carefully picked out colours, but also well-curated decor pieces. In deep coloured spaces or dark wood themed rooms, brass mirrors can offer multi dimension to the space. This steers the from away from appearing overly static.