Geometric Design in Bedrooms

Lines, shapes and patterns are the fundamentals of creating a well balanced space. When designs go back to basics, geometrics comes into mind. The versatility of these angular wonders can create a multitude of ambience. Whether one is seeking a forward looking space or a minimalist abode, learn how geometrics can be integrated into the design.

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Laid Back Casual

A casual space is on that focusses on creating an effortless sense on comfort. Without appear like one tried too much, geometric style sheets can instantly perk up a platform style bedroom. For an added touch of personality, a geometric pendant lighting does well.

Minimalist Simplicity

The minimalist look comprises of a clutter-free space with nothing but the bare essentials. To some, the minimalist space can be dull or even too static. Geometric patterns are especially suited for such concepts as it plays with the clean lines of the space.

Homely Comfort

Angles and lines often leave an impression of a sterile environment. In design, it is not bounded by such concepts. Introducing various colour schemes in the geometric designs can in fact encourage a sense of warmth in the space.

Eclectic Oddity

Eclectic spaces take the best of each concept and transforms it into a design that is uniquely different. Incorporating geometric designs are not something out of chartered waters. In fact, it is a tried and true way to create a fun space.

Sophisticated Flair

There is something about repeated patterns that give a sense of authority to the space. Geometric patterns exact the same type of dominance when coupled with a contemporary style space. While contemporary concepts can give off an approachable ambience, geometric patterns or line can bring the overall design of the space a touch of chic.