Adding Life to the Minimalist Concept

Uncluttered and without much of a fuss, the minimalist concept is one that focusses on the functional aspects of the space. Though it revolves on the 'less is more' concept, there are several ways in which this design could be enhance for an intriguing space.

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Plant life

Minimalist concepts gear towards the neutral colour scheme. To some, the choice of colour and use of clean cut furnishing can make a space feel static. To inject life, non flowering plants make a chic statement.

Line the Essentials

Keeping to the functional uses does not mean that all forms of ornaments should be eradicated. Tiny décor items add personality to the space. The only deal is to hold back. When decorating a minimalist space, pick out pieces with distinct and clean lines. It should complement well with the surrounding, yet outstanding enough to show a little dissonance.

Shapes and textures

A clean cut space does not mean that it has to be dull. Textures and patterns can be introduced to the space to add depth and character. To prevent steering away from the minimalist concept, pick large, sleek furnishings to act as an anchor of the overall space.

Appropriate Flooring

Throw in a surprise by incorporating a wood flooring. Almost on the other end of the spectrum, wood introduces a much needed warmth to the cool minimalist concept. Alternatively, wooded décor can be incorporated as well.