Putting Frames in Perspective

Frames has cemented itself as one of the must have décor items in modern interior design. The use of these angular ornaments can be used to provide definition to the space, create a focal point or simply as a piece to balance the overall room.

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Select frames of complementing colours


When decorating a neutral space, it is important that the colours used are well balance and do not appear too bold against the bare walls. Hanging frames in said colour scheme can create a seamless design. This will leave an impression that the space is not segmented.

Create lines and dimensions


Frames not only make a good focal piece, but it also brings dimension to the space. Thin frames give an impression of a wide space, while thick frames scales down the space. When grouped together, it can give an impression of clean lines.

Following a theme


The picture within the frame should be well curated. Following colours or themes, it can help to bring seemingly segmented parts of the space together.

Creating a Focal


Frames are great ways to enhance the space without making it appear overly forced. In a white space interior, placement of frames can direct the eyes to the the area of focus in the room. The size of the frame should matter as much as the placement. The arrangement of the frames affects the directional flow of the design.

Making height


To heighten a space. frames can be used to create an impression of a tall ceiling. Placing the frames in a triangular shape directs the eyes to the peak of the set of frames. This décor style will work especially well with neutral schemes.