Setting the Tone with Wallpapering

Wallpapers are not a widely used option in South East Asia. Still, this design element is great in creating illusion, focal point and ambience in a space. Here are some key notes on wallpapering in various spaces.

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Decorating the Hallway

Common areas are often accessed spaces, as such, it is important that the designs can direct the eyes to the main rooms of the house. Repetition wallpapering are in line to create such effects.

Mural type wallpapering

When one loves to incorporated a mural in their space, but do not have the time to pull it off, wallpapering is your answer. Mural wallpapers dictates the overall direction of the design in the space. When one opts for an elaborate mural as a focal point, other design points such as furnishing and decor pieces should be kept simple.

Colour Emphasis

The easiest way to set the colour scheme of the space is through wallpapering. Since it takes up the most surface in the room, it is automatically deemed to be colour of choice for the space. For a room with depth, incorporate colours of the same hue.

Subtle Ceiling Design

For an elaborate designed living area, one has to opt for a wallpapering that is intricate in nature as well. With too much design and patterns present in the space, it can be overwhelming, Keep it subtle by incorporating the wallpapering on the fifth wall - the ceiling.

Thematic Wallpapering

A room with a theme is always interesting. When set on a theme, ensure that the d├ęcor matches and complements the space well, otherwise it will risk appearing gaudy.