Decorating Your Surfaces

Vignettes in an interior space take one peek into the home-owner's personality. It hints the direction as to where the design of the space is going. Whether one prefers to keep things simple or have a go at the elaborate, these decor set the tone for the ambience of the home.

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Naturally Minimalistic

Minimalism does provide plenty of room for décor. The most important aspect when it comes to decorating such spaces is the need to keep the ornaments to the minimal. One tip is to select a theme.

Eccentric Taste

For those with an acquired taste, the vignette is the best place to showcase a collection of curios and trinkets. While one can have the freedom to place how ever one desires, grouping the décor pieces can give it is more polished look.

Simplified Character

Simplicity in décor can come in the form of subtle designs, it can also come in selective use of colour. When seeking to create a simple space without losing the décor pieces you love, keep to neutral colours to balance out the space.

Back to the Roots

Inspiration from vignettes can come from the furnishing as the surface acts as a foundation for the décor. That way, the ornaments is an extension of the focal point of the space. This décor technique will help to create a holistic design space.