Going Darker: Black Bedrooms

In interior design, dark colours exude feelings of mystery and sophistication. Many gear away from these colours as it is can be harsh on the overall design. The secret to darker tones is finding the right balance.

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Accents of Grey


Creating a dark space does not necessarily mean the use of a single colour. In black schemed rooms, greys and other deep hues on furnishing and accessories can help to accent the heavy space.

A Spot of Brightness


Bright colours complements dark spaces well. Bold hues injects some much needed fun in the usually sombre space. It is also one of the best way to balance out a dark space, without losing it chicness.

Back lights and murals


For the acquired, murals are a great testament to the personality of an individual. Dark spaces provides all the excuse of having dreaming in one's very own cosmos. Also, back light are great for that moonlit effect.

Focal Decor


Minimalist spaces often deal with little or no decor as it focusses on functionality. In a rigid design style as such, darker tones can also emphasize that very severity. Including geometrical or patterned pieces can bring the focus away from overall harsh space.

Using Textures


The ambience of a space can easily change along with the use of various d├ęcor, Plush seats, carpets and drapery are often used in interior design to soften the space. Although the space may be drench in darker hues, it can be balanced out with textile and fabrics.