Playing with Pastel

Pastel is often associated with babies and young one because of its ability to calm. These soft hues are great for individuals seeking for a subtle style. For those looking for a bolder look, various design element can add character to the delicate colour as well.

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Transitional Colours

Pastels lie on the lighter end of the colour spectrum. These softer shades are essential to the overall construct of the design of any space. For minimalist spaces, pastels offer a great transition between colours without the feeling of abruptness.

Match with the Bold

The delicate nature of pastel colours is that it tend to seeps into the background of the design. For a little dramatic effect, inject bold colours into the space. A stronger colour can emphasise on the contrast of the colours in the space.

Excessive Patterning

Lighter colours are often lack strong personality. To inject character to the space, patterns do go a long way. For an eclectic style, try layering various patterns together.

Thematic Colours

Pastels have a potential of taking the back seat. When one opts to have a room in a certain colour scheme, the whole design space can tune out. Bring the focus back by introducing another pastel hue. This can act as a contrast without all the drama.

On Greys

Contrast plays a large role when it comes to making pastel hues stand out. When having a mind to decorate a space with pastel accessories, choose shades of grey for your statement furnishings. This cam set the tone for a seamless transition between the darker and lighter hues.