Muted Contemporary Chic

Rounded surfaces and solid colours are the undeniable charms of contemporary style. This design concept focusses on the contrast between colours and lines. Find the beauty in subtle colours and hues with the following inspirations.

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Subliminal Sophistication

Setting a colour theme for the room encourages conformity. It is important to to incorporate various hues and shades of grey for dimension. For a chic space, flowers are always a good addition.

Illusions and heights

Mirrors and pendant lighting are great interior pieces to create illusion in your space. Almost characteristic to the contemporary style, these elements are often used in living and dining areas. This is especially good home home short on space.

Monochrome Delight

Contemporary styled baths should not be limited by colours. Monochromatic neutral tones are also signature to this chic concept. To prevent it from deviating towards a minimalistic style, incorporate polished bath accessories or lighting.

Muted Sophistication

Washed out colours are essential when creating a subtle yet, warm space. When creating such spaces, accent the space with metals or chrome for mod feel.