Decorating with Tree Barks

Cork is often used as a notice board. However, this material is versatile and can be used in many interior concepts and décor. Made from the bark of Cork Oak, it carries the same characteristics as the conventional wood in interior spaces. Warm, and sets a casual tone to the overall space, discover how cork can be used to bring out familiarity to your home.

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Organise your kitchen equipment

The kitchen can be a chaotic for those unsure of how to organise their kitchen ware. Rearrange your kitchen by installing a cork board behind your cabinet door. There you can hang up all your kitchen essentials neatly, and hide it away without much trouble.

Casual Headboard

Headboard no longer come in the form of metals, wood or together with a bed frame. Create an interesting living environment with a large piece of cork board as your headboard. It not only brings the focal point to your bed area, but adds a little casualness to the space.

Interesting side stool

For common areas to work well, décor pieces should be well curated. A cork shaped stool does a fine job to articulate your interests.

Décor-esque noticeboard

Noticeboards do not have to be the same old boring rectangle. Cutting up the notice board into diamond shaped and placing them side by side enforces a taste for geometric designs, without the expense of functionality.

Wall of inspiration

For some individuals, inspiration comes from many sources. To keep track with all ideas, install a mood board on the whole surface of the wall provides plenty of space for concepts to form.